Thursday, May 1, 2014

Top 10 Amazing Trendy Nail Designs for Today’s Women

A lot of ladies appreciate nail art designs but are usually terrified to do it on their own nails since they are thinking it is a difficult task of making an art. Forming a nail art is easy and simple than you think it is, but of course, it needs more practice and a lot of patience. Create nails that are so gorgeous and really fabulous in couple of minutes just by yourself, just like those nails that you can see in some leading magazines and fashion journals. You can have a guide by simply following some step-by-step tutorials that are now available in some websites. There are really available fantastic nail designs that you can either do alone or with the help of some friend of yours. Here are some fancy, colourful and trending nail designs.

Use alternate colours

Start with the very basic kind, the alternating nail polish colours with each finger or working each finger with a diverse colour will surely to get anybody’s attention. It is very simple and needs no effort at all because you are changing colours for every coat you are making.

Use Effective Polishes

There are numerous nail polishes effect that is accessible now in the market just like magnetic effect, croc effect, crackle effect, colour changing polishes and etc. You can simply use it for a diverse and speed nail appearance.

Water Decals / Nail wraps / Nail Stickers

Many ready to use nail designs are accessible in the market like full nail wraps, water decals and nail stickers. Directions in using these are made simple especially for beginners.

Dotting Manicure

It is the easiest and let’s say first step towards free hand nail art design.  Dots look simple and elegant. You can start by drawing dots on your nails to make flowers.

Stripes nail art

Stripes seemed to appear striking on nails. To make gorgeous stripes designs, all you may need is a nail art streak pen or you can also make stripes from a slim and slight brush.

Simple flower design

The flower designs can be created by just simply connecting the dots that are mentioned above in dotting manicure.

Animal prints

Printed animal like leopard, zebra and many others appears cute on nails and so easy to manage and apply.

Rhinestones nail designs

When thinking of adding some blings on your nails for such occasion, then party is the best event for this design. It is so easy to apply and it will really rock your party.

Cartoon nail art

When making a cartoon nail designs, only two materials are needed, a stick and contrasting colours. Check the best steps for your preferred cartoon art in the website.

Newspaper Nail Design

This nail paint is really very easier and simpler than it looks on actuality. Just a piece of newspaper and a nails polish and it will came out very traditional.